Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Services


Are you an alarm installation company looking for a UL Certified Central Station to monitor your customer’s homes and businesses? To get monitoring services started, contact us.


Are you a home or business owner in search of an alarm system or monitoring? We can refer you to many knowledgeable and qualified alarm installation companies. Call today!


Security Alarm Monitoring


Are you protecting your home or business to the fullest? You can be with our standard security monitoring that provides 24/7 protection at the level you want. Should an incident occur, we’ll know right away and we will contact you immediately.


Fire Alarm Monitoring


If your commercial system is governed by UL or NFPA, you’re required to have stringent supervision of communication paths, proper equipment function and immediate response to any alarm conditions, especially fire alarms. Our fire alarm monitoring service provides immediate response to reduce loss of life or property.


Medical Alarm Monitoring


In a life or death situation you need a medical alert system which responds fast. Medical alert systems offer immediate assistance for everyone - from the elderly to post-op patients and handicapped persons needing help – to ensure they get the help they need, fast


Video Alarm Monitoring


One tool to beef up your security system is a video camera. With our video alarm monitoring, we receive video images to show the cause of the alarm activations, helping expedite response. What’s more we can help you prevent false alarms.


Open Close Monitoring


Most alarm systems have the ability to report the arming and disarming of the alarm systems. Homeowners and businesses have the ability to know when someone arms or disarms the system. Want further reporting? You can receive an email or text each time the system reports!


Supervisory Monitoring


As a full service Central Station we can monitor almost everything you can think of. Examples include gas leak detection, high and low temperature, flood detection, elevator phones, and pump level. Don’t see what you are looking for? We guarantee we monitor it – all you have to do is request it here.