After Hours Services

Just because five o’clock rolls around doesn’t mean your customers won’t need help. Check out the afterhours services we provide. For more information contact us.


Answering Services


Imagine having a live receptionist answering your phone. Your callers are greeted warmly by professional operators in such a way that they’ll feel as though they have reached your office directly! Callers speak to a fully trained operator every time that can make the decision on whether or not YOU should be notified.


Dispatch Services


Do you have after hour technicians who need to be notified in the event of a service issue? This service provides “monitoring” for locations or sites without signaling capabilities. A technician is dispatched to the location or site to rectify the problem.


Access Controls


Need to limit access to your buildings? We will change cards on the weekends or late at night. Your workflow won’t be disrupted but your protection will be up to date and accurate.


GPS Vehicle Tracking


Intoducing u-TRAQ -- Easy to sell, Easy to support

What can you do with vehicle tracking? Imagine knowing where your entire fleet is all the time. With that knowledge you can manage company vehicles and your employees more efficiently. Should someone or something go missing, you will have the system to locate it. And finally, you can monitor risky drivers, like teens and the elderly.