We have had our alarm monitored by DigiCom for the past twelve years and have been extremely impressed with their exceptional customer service, speed of response and knowledgeable operators. They have eliminated our false alarm fees by verifying each alarm with us before dispatching! We wouldn’t consider any another monitoring station.

Denise Tate

My son was home alone when our alarm went off. The operator sensed he was alone and afraid and had another operator dispatch the police while she assured him that help was on the way. We cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile and making our son feel safe!

Bob & Minka Holt

Tampa, Florida


The team at DigiCom has proven to be a group of well rounded professionals in all aspects of alarm monitoring.  No matter what challenge we have thrown their way, they have been able to address it with a high level of accuracy and response.  I have been impressed with their ability to listen to our needs and deliver a solution that meets our expectations.  I believe DigiCom team performance to be some of the best available in the industry.


Dana Wilson

Pass Security

Springfield, IL

During my thirty years in the alarm industry I have encountered many monitoring companies but NONE come close to DigiCom! The staff is so friendly and courteous and can help you with any issue. My customers rave about them.

Nick Scaglione

Security Alarm Systems

Tampa, FL